Paint jobs can provide an array of benefits to a building. They can immediately improve the appearance and the value of the property. A paint job will wear down over time, which means it will ultimately have to be redone. Knowing the signs that you need a new paint job can ensure that you are able to optimize the appearance of your property. This can help to provide superior curb appeal, along with many other benefits. Here are ten signs to help you determine when to get a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Rotting Wood

    Wood can often rot over time, which can result in serious problems with the structure and condition of the property. When wood is soft to the touch, the wood is likely beginning to rot. When you notice that wood is rotting on your property, it can be an incredibly beneficial step to obtain a new paint job for your property. This can help locate possible rotting wood and prevent any damage from escalating. A new paint job can go a long way toward protecting the property's overall condition.

  2. Hardened Caulk

    Caulking is commonly found around doorways and the edges of windows. It is used to ensure that these areas are well-insulated and can keep energy in and inclement weather out. When the caulking in these areas hardens or begins to peel, it is unlikely to be performing its job correctly. Not only can this result in energy loss, but it can also allow moisture to seep into the area. When this happens, other problems can escalate, including the rotting of wood and other issues. Resealing these areas often requires implementing a new paint job.

  3. Rusted Metal

    Metal surfaces are more common in industrial buildings, such as warehouses. However, it can still be useful to know signs that these types of walls need to be repainted. If the wall begins to show signs of rusting, it can be useful to implement a new paint job to protect the surfaces.

  4. Dirty Appearance

    Does your building still look dirty even after you have given it a good scrubbing? An old paint job will inevitably look worn down over time. When this happens, no amount of scrubbing will make it look clean. The best way to resolve a dirty appearance that can’t be resolved with cleaning is by adding a new coat of paint to the building. A new coat of paint will help your building to appear newer and cleaner.

  5. Chalky Residue

    Paint that is beginning to deteriorate will leave behind a chalky residue. You can determine the presence of this residue by swiping a finger along the surface of the paint. When the paint begins to deteriorate, it will only continue to do so. At this point, obtaining a new paint job can protect your building and restore it to optimal condition. If you notice a residue left behind by your existing paint job, it is time to procure a new one for your building.

  6. About to Sell

    When you are about to sell your building, it is extremely important to take multiple steps to ensure that the building is in the best condition possible. First impressions are extremely important, especially when selling your home. A new paint job can help to ensure that the building puts its best face forward for possible buyers.

  7. Flaking

    Flaking, cracking, and the formation of bubbles underneath the surface of the paint is a sure signs that it's time to invest in a new paint job for your building. Not only can these signs significantly detract from the appearance of any room, but they can also leave a mess when paint chips land on the floor. Whenever you notice these signs, it is extremely important to add a new layer of paint to the surfaces of your building in order to protect them effectively. These issues are often caused by humidity seeping under the surface of the paint, though they can also be caused by frequent or extreme exposure to UV rays from the sun.

  8. Fading

    Fading is a common issue when paint grows older and begins to deteriorate. This is often caused when specific areas are frequently exposed to UV rays. This causes the paint to wear out and take on a faded, dim appearance. UV rays can also cause fading in other fixtures, such as carpeting or furniture. Implementing specific window treatments can go a long way toward eliminating these issues in a room. However, once fading has occurred, a new paint job will be necessary to restore the room to its former condition and optimal appearance.

  9. Discoloration

    You choose a specific color of paint because it appeals to you. However, discoloration can occur over time. Discoloration becomes particularly noticeable when it results in an inconsistent hue of color over the area. When a paint job looks discolored, it will no longer provide the appearance you originally desired. At this point, a new paint job is often required and can go a long way toward improving the appearance of the building and specific room. A newer paint job brings more consistency to the appearance, as well.

  10. Providing a Change

    Whenever you are tired of the existing colors of your home, you can implement a new paint job to alter them. This will allow you to find a refreshing, new atmosphere within your existing building. Not only will the building look nicer, but it will feel different, as well. There are a multitude of benefits to obtaining a new paint job for both the interior and exterior of your building. We offer many painting services to ensure that your residential or commercial building maintains a pristine appearance. Contact our professional team today to learn more about the signs that you need a new paint job for your building. .

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